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Transportation: Bridges and Tolls

Transportation: Bridges and Tolls

This Friday, we are talking transportation and infrastructure--specifically, the I-5 Bridge. This major interstate crossing is getting more and more congested, and we need leaders at all levels...

Standing with Labor

Standing with Labor

I'm a proud former member of a labor union, and am honored to have the support of many unions in this campaign. Laborers 335 was my first union endorsement, and they were soon joined by WEA and...

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Temple Lentz on "Zombie Houses" in Clark County

Temple Lentz on Making Clark County an Aging-Friendly Community

Temple Lentz brings new, effective leadership to Clark County

Temple Lentz thanks supporters

Temple Lentz on farms and productive land in Clark County

Temple Lentz announces candidacy for Clark County Council, and is first to file for the seat in 2018.