Supporting Mental and Behavioral Health

Friday Video! This week I had the pleasure of attending a fundraising luncheon for Columbia River Mental Health Services Foundation.

CRMHS is one of the great agencies we have here in Clark County, offering wraparound services to support our neighbors with mental health, addiction recovery, and much more. I strongly support these services and ensuring adequate funding for them. Further, I was happy to be in attendance to see out-going county Chair Marc Boldt receive an award for his service and advocacy. Back in 2006, Marc supported a 1/10 of 1% Mental Health Sales Tax to support behavioral health services. He took a lot of flak for it but stayed the course. Now, just 10 years later, that small tax has provided more than $100 million in badly needed support. Marc and I are on different sides of the aisle, but good leadership and fighting for the benefit of constituents does not need to be a partisan issue. I was honored to have the opportunity to thank Marc for this service, and I look forward to continuing to support behavioral health in Clark County when I am in office.