Moeller concedes county council race, endorses Lentz

Former state legislator says fellow Democrat has 'broad vision for the county'

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Moeller concedes county council race, endorses Lentz

Former state Rep. Jim Moeller has conceded the race for Clark County Council District 1 position and endorsed fellow Democrat Temple Lentz in the November general election.

“In every campaign, I have always said, ‘It’s all about us,’ ” Moeller said in a statement. “Temple is one of us, she fights for us and she’s going to be an excellent member of the Clark County Council working on our behalf.”

The most recent count of votes cast in Tuesday’s primary election showed Moeller with 31.7 percent of the vote. With 98,804 ballots counted and only 2,200 left to count, Moeller has almost no way to catch up with Republican Clark County Councilor Jeanne Stewart, who was in second place with 32.2 percent, or Lentz, who led with 33.6 percent of the vote.

In Washington, the two candidates with the most votes advance to the general election regardless of party affiliation. The election won’t be certified until Aug. 21, but it appears all but certain that Lentz will be squaring off with Stewart in the general.

In his statement of support, Moeller cited Lentz’s position on lifting the county’s ban on recreational cannabis businesses, as well as a “broad vision for the county.”

In a brief phone interview, Moeller said he wasn’t sure what he would do now and he wouldn’t make an endorsement in the race for Clark County Council chair.

Friday’s vote count also showed Clark County Council Chair Marc Boldt, an independent, falling further behind Democrat Eric Holt for the second-place position in the primary. Republican Clark County Councilor Eileen Quiring led the race for chair with 38 percent of the vote.

Boldt did not respond to a request for comment.