Endorse Temple Lentz for Clark County Council

Organizational Endorsements

  • 18th Legislative District Democrats
  • 49th Legislative District Democrats
  • AFSCME Local 307CO
  • ATU Local 757
  • Clark County Association of REALTORs
  • Clark County Democratic Central Committee
  • Clark County Democratic Women
  • Equal Rights Washington
  • IAFF Local 452
  • IBEW PAC 48
  • Laborers Local 335
  • National Women's Political Caucus
  • PNW Regional Council of Carpenters, Locals 1503 & 146
  • Sierra Club - Loo Wit Group
  • Southwest Washington Central Labor Council
  • The Columbian Newspaper
  • UA Local 290
  • UFCW Local 555
  • Washington Education Association PAC
  • Young Democrats of Clark County

Elected Officials

  • Al Bauer (former State Senator)
  • Jack Burkman (former Vancouver City Council)
  • Annette Cleveland (State Senator)
  • Molly Coston (Mayor, City of Washougal)
  • Ed Cote (DNC Executive Committee)
  • Paul Greenlee (Washougal City Council)
  • Bart Hansen (Vancouver City Council)
  • Gary Hansen (Former Multnomah County Commissioner)
  • Nan Henriksen (former Mayor, City of Camas and former Chair, Board of Freeholders)
  • Pat Jollota (former Vancouver City Council)
  • Eric LaBrant (Port of Vancouver Commissioner)
  • Doug Lasher (Clark County Treasurer)
  • Joyce Lindsay (former Washougal City Council)
  • Liz Luce (former Clark County Auditor)
  • Jim Moeller (former State Representative)
  • Craig Pridemore (former State Senator)
  • Tim Probst (former State Representative)
  • Deanna Rusch (Camas City Council)
  • Temple Lentz is an outstanding candidate for the position on county council. I have worked with her on several organizations over the last 12 years and have appreciated her work ethic, dedication, and commitment. I will be supporting her. We need people like Temple to step up and serve our community in critical leadership positions.
    Larry Smith (former Vancouver City Council)
  • Monica Stonier (State Representative)
  • Sharon Wylie (State Representative)


  • We need more people with her intelligence and enthusiasm!
    Gordon Trousdale
  • Temple is a breath of fresh air in Clark County and will be an exceptional county councilor.
    Lehman Holder
  • Energy, insight, and a terrific listener.
    Melinda Bell
  • I have had the opportunity to observe Temple's community engagement for the past several years. She brilliant, thoughtful, and committed to making Clark County a better place. Temple asks the questions that needs to be asked and has the unique ability to look at issues at a ground level as well as from 30,000 feet. She notices details but always connects things back to the big picture. Temple is committed to increasing community engagement and approaches that commitment with a level of humility that I'm always impressed by. I have seen the incredible results of her effort. When it comes to the County Council race, Temple isn't just the best of the available candidates; she is the ideal candidate.
    Heather Lindberg
  • We need to support more strong, intelligent, forward-thinking women like Temple in our local and national government. She has my support!
    Kevin Segal
  • I endorse Temple Lentz for County Council.
    David Wegner
  • A proven track record for supporting Clark County!
    Terry Murphy
  • I endorse Temple Lentz to add a fresh energetic approach to Clark County governance. I believe she has the insight and the ability to lead us into a prosperous and sustainable future. Please join me in supporting Temple for Clark County Council.
    Terri Niles
  • Temple has been involved in the city and the county for a very long time. She is more than qualified for this position.
    Gale Beagle
  • Temple has what it takes to reignite the County Council. I have known Temple for many years and have worked with her on many causes and media efforts including the launch of the only Vancouver radio station. She is great bringing people together, advocating for what's best for the community and she believes there's no 'I' in team. Clark County needs a Council able to work together for all residents and business owners, Temple is the best to achieve this. She believes #AllLivesMatter and for this reason I support her for County Council.
    Michelle Bart
  • Temple will bring new ideas and positive thinking to our county. I encourage everyone to vote for Temple Lentz.
    Carol Turgeon
  • I've worked with Temple on various committees and projects and can attest to her dedication to Clark County and its people. She will represent us well.
    Dene Grigar
  • Temple Lentz will be the voice that truly represents the citizens of District 1 and provided a much needed balance to the Council. Forward-looking leadership is what we need and Temple will provide that. I happily endorse Temple Lentz.
    Chris Prothero
  • Temple has a vision for the county and a voice she’s not aftaid to use. I’m supporting Temple so that we can build the future Clark County together.
    Jodi Frisina
  • Temple understands the importance of equity & inclusion at the county level in community issues such as housing. I appreciate her openness to explore this further for our diverse communities. Thank you Temple & best of luck!
    Carmen McKibben
  • Temple has the kind of engaging, fun energy and enthusiasm that attracts positive public involvement and collaboration. There are good choices this election season. Temple is an excellent choice.
    Debbie & Greg Nelson
  • Temple is a great combination of energy and drive. She can get the job done!
    Linda O'Leary
  • Temple listens! She's one of the most thoughtful, energetic young leaders to make Clark County her home in the last ten years. Active on many fronts, Temple is an obvious choice for Clark County.
    Tom Hunt
  • Temple knows and loves our community!
    Victoria Bradford
  • Temple has been an active, creative, forward-thinking member of our community and I look forward to her work on the council.
    Jan Verrinder
  • Thank you for running!
    Mark Carter
  • Clark County needs youthful, energetic leaders like you, with a strong sense of community and the background to move our county forward.
    Donna Sinclair
  • From long discussions of Clark County politics at a house party years ago to more recent discussions, Temple is astute and contemplative. Seeing Temple sitting in the District 1 seat would be most welcome.
    Hector Hinojosa
  • I endorse Temple
    Gail Pollock
  • Temple honestly loves our community. I have worked with her on several projects and she is always inclusive and listens to all sides. She is advocate for all. When the community speaks, she listens and acts. She is exactly what we need on the County Council.
    Jennifer Hawks-Conright
  • Wit, wisdom, intellect and a sense of humor that moves political shills aside. Best candidate for this position in decades!
    Patrick Migas
  • Temple has the vision, drive and creativity to lead Clark County into the 2020s and beyond. I've been involved in several projects over the past few years. She has a clear vision of a path forward and the drive and determination to make it happen. Her non stop drive for excellence is exactly what our County Council needs.
    Bob Travis
  • Temple's got what it takes! A strong young woman leader, who's ready to take on the tough issues for Clark County. We are lucky to have her!
    Mike Pond
  • There are three fine public servants in this race. But, looking ahead towards the future needs of our growing community, as JFK said in his inaugural address, the torch is passed to a new generation, and, in my view, Temple is the best of the best.
    David Nierenberg

Individual Endorsements

  • Adam Aguilera
  • Lyn Angelo
  • Julie Arenz
  • Dr. Gloria Arroyo-Grubbs, DC
  • Sam Atkins
  • Nancy Bacon
  • Steven Baer
  • Matt Baird
  • Doug Ballou
  • Michelle Bart
  • Gale Beagle
  • Heather Beecher
  • Melinda Bell
  • Jeanne Bennett
  • Marvin Benson
  • Gail Bergeron
  • Jill Blair
  • Gary Bock
  • Melissa Boles
  • Mila Boyd
  • Victoria Bradford
  • Ilana Brown
  • Sherry Burkman
  • Jill Campbell
  • Anita Cannell
  • Tim Cannell
  • Geoff Carr
  • Mark Carter
  • Giulia Castellano
  • Jeanne Caswell
  • Liz Cerveny
  • Paul Christensen
  • Joe Clemons
  • Dana Coffee
  • Ian Coker
  • James Conright
  • Jennifer Corio
  • Eileen Cowen
  • Cheryl Crispin
  • Chris Crowley
  • Bryan Dainty
  • Annie Davern
  • Jessica Davis
  • Tyler Davis
  • Heather Deford
  • Myrtle Dela Cruz
  • Kathy Dempsey
  • Madeleine Dulemba
  • Mary Elkin
  • Laura Ellsworth
  • Steve Ellsworth
  • Loren S. Etengoff
  • Dee Anne Finken
  • John & Nancy Fite
  • Scott Flury
  • Barbara Ford
  • Karin Ford
  • Steve & Ann Foster
  • Stan & Colleen Freidberg
  • Meg Fries
  • Jodi Frisina
  • Rob Frisina
  • Eric Fuller
  • Tamara J Fuller
  • Susan & Manuel Galaviz
  • Kathryn Garcia-Stackpole
  • Shane & Heidi Gardner
  • Samara Gilroy-Hicks
  • Jim Gizzi
  • Chris Goodwin
  • Kevin Gorman
  • Dene Grigar
  • Glenn Grossman
  • Debbie Ham
  • Jane Hansen
  • Heidi Hanson
  • John & Dawn Harrison
  • Jennifer Hawks-Conright
  • Roy Heikkala
  • Debra Hentz
  • Hector Hinojosa
  • Lehman Holder
  • Elizabeth Holmes
  • Noland Hoshino
  • Dave Howard
  • Lisa Howell
  • Sandra Hoyt
  • Tom Hunt
  • Robert J Higbie
  • Jane Jacobsen
  • Jerry Jeffrey
  • Lee Jensen
  • Damion E. Jiles, Sr.
  • Anne John
  • Kimberly Johnson
  • Jilayne Jordan
  • Kathryn Ketcham
  • Dianna & Mike Kretzschmar
  • Pat LaCroix
  • Olga Lafayette
  • John Lain
  • Trina Latshaw
  • Kathleen A. Lawrence
  • Erika Laws
  • Marjorie Ledell
  • Heather Lindberg
  • Colleen Lindsay
  • Tom Lineham
  • Marcus Logan
  • Jim Luce
  • Eva Luchini
  • Denise Lukins
  • Michael & Monica Lynch
  • Carole Mackewich
  • Mark & Patti Maggiora
  • Eileen Mains
  • Jim & Ceci Mains
  • Joe Maldonado
  • Roch Manley
  • Mark Mantei
  • Britt & Henrik Martens
  • Jim Martin
  • Mary & Joseph McFarland
  • Carmen McKibben
  • Wanda McNealy
  • Dennis Megrditchian
  • Kent Meyer
  • Patrick Migas
  • Becky Milner
  • Patricia Mizutani (M.D.)
  • Daniel Monroe
  • Paul Montague
  • Terry Murphy
  • Tom & Lynn Nadal
  • Debbie & Greg Nelson
  • David Nierenberg
  • Terri Niles
  • Ewa North
  • Linda Nurmi McClellan
  • Linda O'Leary
  • Carol Parker Walsh
  • Carol Paulson Cate
  • Diana Perez
  • Elizabeth Perry
  • Paula Person
  • Gail Pollock
  • Mike Pond
  • Kelsey Potter
  • Chris Prothero
  • Tabitha Reeder
  • Jason Renaud
  • Mary & Jay Renaud
  • Nancy Retsinas
  • Xavier Reynolds
  • Catherine Rich
  • Gayle Rothrock
  • Nick Ruark
  • Tonya Rulli
  • Don Russo
  • Meredith Savery
  • Tim Schauer
  • Kevin Segal
  • Rhona Sen Hoss
  • Bryan Shull
  • Donna Sinclair
  • Katlin Smith
  • Paul Speer
  • Lisa Spiegel
  • Ila Stanek
  • Bob Stevens
  • Page Strickler
  • Rekah Strong
  • Jenny Thompson
  • Scott Tiniakos
  • Bob Travis
  • Gordon Trousdale
  • Carol Turgeon
  • Jan Verrinder
  • Tina Vlachos
  • Sarah Voegelin
  • Brad & Jessicah Wager
  • David Wegner
  • Mike Westby
  • Bill Whipple
  • Angela Wilkinson
  • Holly Williams
  • Julie Williams
  • Ken Williams
  • Michele Wollert
  • Vicki Work
  • Jane Elder Wulff
  • Dan Wyatt
  • Jennifer Wyld
  • Bruce Ziegman

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